A submarine as a recording studio

Strange recording venue no. 1

USS Cavalla

USS Cavalla

Whenever I think of submarine sounds, I immediately remember the ping of the sonar that mixers love to add to film soundtracks. But what about the pure acoustics of the submarine? Can you use a submarine as a recording studio?

The band Royal Forest have tried it, and below is a video of them performing “Everyone Who Knows You” on the USS Cavalla submarine in Galveston, TX.

The acoustic is clearest very early on in the video when a drum is played which gives a bit of a bass rumble. Once the song has started, there is too much electronic post-production on the soundtrack to clearly hear the room acoustic of the submarine, except maybe in the drums.

An untreated room normally sounds boomy and horrible, but from what I can hear the submarines isn’t too bad. Modern recording studio design is about using absorbers to deaden the sound  and diffusers to scatter the sound.  The USS Cavalla certainly has a lots of scattering from the pipes, controls and other equipment. Absoprtion for the vocal track is provided by the bedding in the cabin.

For Royal Forest, working in unusual places is a recurring theme, says band member Cody Ground. “It kind of shows what we’re willing to use to capture the music. I see the format changing depending on the environment.” [1] Do you know of stranger recording venues? Please comment below.


[1] http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2013/06/royal_forest_galveston_sub.php


One response to “A submarine as a recording studio

  1. A studio inside a marine container. I wish i could have one.

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